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Coffee & Friends

"We encourage people to be their best by helping them start their day off right."


Dragon's Brew Cafe

We are a cozy, upcoming coffee establishment nestled in Southwest Jacksonville NC on Hwy 258 

 We are customer service based first and foremost.

 As a company, we provide premium quality products, authenticity, integrity, and a warm smile for you, our customers. 

We look forward to meeting you and making this your daily coffee spot!


Every Thing Gets Better With Coffee

For exact pricing and to order ahead visit our Menu.


Pure Intentions Black Hat Espresso

House Brew

Pure Intentions coffee may vary day to day.

Caramel Machiatto

 Our gold standard of Iced Lattes


A Delicious brew of Pure Intentions Black Hat Espresso and Steamed milk and foam. 

Iced Coffee

Enjoy from basic to adding some of our delicious flavors for customizing.


Enjoy a wide variety of Lattes that we offer.With over 50 flavors the combos are endless. 

Our Specials & More

Green vintage St. Patrick's Day Instagram Post (3).png

March Drink of The Month

Introducing "The Green Dragon", a shaken espresso drink that's as invigorating as it is mystical.

This delightful concoction features a bold shot of espresso, shaken to icy perfection and swirled with vibrant green-hued sweetness. But the magic doesn't stop there! The Green Dragon is crowned with a cloud of our signature pistachio cold foam, adding a touch of nutty richness and creamy texture.

So, whether you're seeking a powerful pick-me-up or a taste of the extraordinary, embrace the legend of the Green Dragon this March at Dragons Brew Cafe!

Delicious Treats

We serve locally made

Mike's Farm pastries and baked goods. We also have everything bagels brought in from West Caldwell NJ. We have added the handmade delicious breakfast burritos from "The BFT"  a local food truck!! Keep watching this space as we continue to offer lite fare for our customers enjoyment.

Essential Gear

Check out our Mugs and To-Go cups. Purchase the Tumbler, and get a 16oz drink at a 12oz price with every use.





Our Barista Team

We really do love what we do. 

Christopher Hansen


Locally Retired Navy Hospital Corpsman with a continued passion for helping those around him. Folks on Hwy 258 definitely needed another great coffee option on their Journey to and from Jacksonville NC. 

Hope C


Corrin M

Barista extraordinaire 

Jenny B
Barista extraordinaire


Chad T
Barista extraordinaire

Coffee Beans

Upcoming Events & Local Businesses 

we support.

Local businesses and/or Charities have supported and/or donated to:
  • Adoption First
  • QuikFit
  • Montessiori School
  • Let's Walk it out Foundation
  • Ecclesia Ministries Church, Richlands NC​
  • Southwest High School
  • White Oak High School (Graduate Program)

3430 Richlands Hwy, Jacksonville NC 28540



    (Ashley's Dog training)    

I absolutely love this place! Coffee is great, a vast selection of frappes, cappuccinos, delicious refreshers, and incredible baked goods! All for great prices. Not to mention the service is always phenomenal! The staff is so friendly in both of their shops! Highly recommend!

              Ashley R

            Local Guide


We had such a wonderful experience here. The barista took a lot of care in asking us questions to make sure our drinks were exactly how we like them. I’ve never had anyone ask me how sweet I like my latte—I always just hope for the best—but she asked and she nailed it. She also asked my daughter if she wanted peppermint marshmallows and whipped cream on her hot cocoa. It’s just nice to have someone care enough to take the time to ask. The drinks were a great refresher for us both before a long car ride. We will definitely be back!

Parking: Plenty of spaces in the lot

Maureen R.

Local Guide

This place is the best kept secret on this side of Jacksonville.

Just started making this place a daily stop in the morning. Their selection of flavors and very welcoming staff have been great thus far.

Prices are great and they do offer a reusable mug for those (like myself) that frequent this place often.

They changed their hours recently to 630am for those early risers. If your concerned about traffic early morning, it isn't too bad leaving the plaza.

Maureen R. Jacksonville NC Local

                    M Britt

               Local Guide

Dragon's Brew has some of the best coffee ☕️ that I've ever had. Maybe it's also the people serving it. That helps I think. The people at Dragon's Brew are so incredibly friendly and customer oriented. Always willing to help. I really love doing business with them and spending my hard earned money there. They have a frequent flyer coffee card so that every time you come in and get a coffee, you get your card punched. Then, after so many, you get a free coffee. They have a HUGE selection of coffees, HOT, COLD, ETC... Try this place out. I don't think you will regret it.

Get in touch!


3430 Richlands Hwy, Suite D

Jacksonville, NC 28540


Mon-Fri: 6:30 am - 6:00 pm
Sat - Sun: 08:00 am - 3:00 pm

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